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The lift is naturally falling

One-way valve discharge

Check the check valve in the manifold. If you find a single valve sealing surface with stolen goods, cleaning check valve.

Down valve closed lax

Check whether the drop valve has electricity, if the electricity is to exclude the drop valve itself or replace the down valve. The poppet valve of the poppet valve must be kept clean and flexible.

Cylinder leaks

Replace the cylinder seal

The lift does not fall

Down valve failure

When the drop button is pressed, check that the drop valve is energized. If there is no electricity, try to rule out; if there is electricity, then remove the drop valve itself failure, or replace the drop valve. The descending valve should be kept clean and lubricated.

Falling Speed Control Valve Offset

Adjust the descending speed control valve, such as adjusting the replacement of the new valve.

The lift does not rise

The voltage is too low

Check the starter potential at the time of motor load operation. Voltage range ± 10%

The motor does not turn

Check the motor and circuit

Motor reversal

Arbitrarily change the two phases in the three-phase line.

The motor is missing

Check circuit breaker and motor wiring.

(Motor does not move, and there is buzz)

The down valve is open

In the release button release state, use a voltmeter to check whether the drop valve is powered. If there is no electricity, then check the line, and remove the fault; if there is electricity, then remove the drop valve itself failure. The poppet valve of the descending valve must be kept clean and flexible.

Relief valve pressure is low

Re-adjust the relief valve. Adjusted at 100% rated load

The oil level is too low and the pump is empty

Fill the hydraulic oil

Oil suction filter is blocked

Clean the filter

Oil absorption

Check the suction pipe and fittings; tighten the joint. Replace the connector if necessary.

Indicator light, press the up button, the motor rotation and the lift does not rise

Check the power contact, The motor will be reversed if

the power is reversed.To correct the power.

Safety instructions

A. Non - professional personnel shall not disassemble electrical appliances at random to prevent electric shock or misuse.

B. Lift platform work below maintenance, must be suspended, support the platform work platform to prevent the sudden decline in the lift, resulting in casualties.

C. Do not arbitrarily adjust the relief valve. Each element in the hydraulic system is operated at the specified pressure. After any adjustment of the relief valve,
May cause abnormal operation of the hydraulic system. On people, machines, things will have unnecessary damage.

D. Between any part of the hydraulic system, must first pressure relief, so as not to pressure oil spray, the table suddenly fell.

Monthly maintenance

A. Roller, the middle shaft and bearings, cylinder pin and bearing, boom hinge shaft and bearing wear and tear.

B. All parts are filled with some lubricants to extend the bearing life.

C. Oil and oil level of hydraulic oil. Lifts full rise, in this position, the hydraulic surface should be higher than the bottom 40-50 mm.
Hydraulic oil is darkened, sticky or gravel and other foreign matter, if found to be replaced (32 # hydraulic oil)

Year-end maintenance

A. Check all hydraulic pipes and fittings. The pipe shall not be damaged and the joint shall not be loosened and all joints must be tightened.

B. Remove and remove the descending valve, purge the plunger with compressed air, then load and re-install it.

C. Put the hydraulic oil off, tighten the connector to remove the oil filter, wash it, clean it with compressed air, then return it to the tank and connect the tubing.
(Replace the new oil, do not continue to use the old oil, otherwise the moving parts in the system will accelerate wear.