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leader speech

         In 2000, we created Quentin machinery co., LTD.,. Now, as one of leading companies that engaged in vertical transportation of materials and the aerial work platform, we have been trying to provide customers with products which are safe, convenient and efficient. We have a strong team with 39 developers, 132 senior staff and 42 business experts. In 2017, our sales revenue reaches $30000000. The reason that make us grow up is we have been adhering to the philosophy-"people-oriented, technology first", "by heart, be honest".     

          Today, the technical difference are getting smaller, therefore, the value of enterprise is equal to customer relationship value. I very much appreciate my employees, all customers and society. We should have the responsibility of the society and make contribution for the society. 

          We always stick to the entrepreneurial passion and perseverance to keep the company to become the industry leader. We will continue to keep"specialization, diversification, industry business integration" as our development strategy.

          Looking to the future, we will continue to go beyond, and strive to become outstanding company. We will work harder to provide career stage for each employee, and to improve their happiness.