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How to operate the towable boom lifts

Number of visits: Date:2021-12-01 11:39
Step1: Connect the AC power to the equipment, and the select the AC power on the control box.
Step2: Open the four hydraulic wheels in advance before lifting. First turn on the outrigger switch on the control box, and then operate the buttons of the each les on the equipment.
Last turn off the outrigger switch on the control box.
Step 3: Operate the lifting controller button box, there are “UP” “DOWN’”ROTATION” “EMERGENCY”switch
Step4: Closed the legs and turn off the power.

  1. Brief description of the trailer boom lift
  2.  Quentin Lift Trailer Boom Lifts are engineered to enhance working efficiency of aerial jobs and offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform. Trailing articulated boom lift is perfect to be used in work sites with limited access, for it’s compact structure is able to go through narrow spaces flexibly. Compared with other lift platforms, boom lift has a wider work range with 360°outreach in the aerial place. It can be used to maintain buildings, replace road lights, pick cherries, clean the windows of mansion and so on. Safety and convenience are the top priority cherished by all MORN members. To fulfill this promise, we are always working hard to hone our manufacturing technology and customer service. We manufacture and provide multiple models and specifications to meet diverse aerial work need. The work height of our towable man lift varies from 8 m to 20 m with 200 kg loading capacity. To ensure high quality and safety, from raw material to the finished products, every manufacturing process is strictly controlled as per international standard. Find out the most suitable model for your business from below listings. If customization service is needed, please let us know and we could design and manufacture the boom lift specially for you.


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