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Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts

Number of visits: Date:2019-07-03 09:24

    Wondering if a wheelchair lift is really worth the money? Of course it is! Wheelchair lifts aren't just another option of getting from one floor of your home to the next, they're the best option. Here are some of the benefits of both inclined and vertical lifts.

 Never Wait in Line: While some families may opt to install a residential elevator in their home, there is one reason why a lift for wheelchairs is a better option. While elevators can be used by anyone, and trust us when we say that everyone will want to ride your home elevator, your lift will only be used by you. The nice part about this is that you'll never have to wait for your lift to be vacant. While elevators may be used frequently when you have guests over, you won't have to worry about your third cousin jumping on your wheelchair lift.

Incredibly Safe: Another benefit of both inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts is safety. All models are built not only to keep you, the rider, safe but also to keep those around you safe. Most lifts come stock with a variety of safety features including emergency stops, non-skid floor panels, track sensors, backup battery systems and so much more. If you're worried about putting your trust in a lift you'll feel confident that a wheelchair lift is your best option when it comes to safety.

Built Just for You: Unlike elevators and stair lifts, wheelchair lifts are made specifically for the wheelchair user. While elevators are accessible to wheelchair users, and anyone can board a stair lift, wheelchair lifts were designed with all the needs, and concerns, of a wheelchair user in mind. This is why all controls are found at an appropriate height for wheelchair users and is why the lift can safely transport not only you but your wheelchair as well. You'll never have to board or de-board your chair to use the lift like you would with a standard stair lift.

 The benefits of wheelchair lifts are simple, they're safe, they're built perfectly for wheelchair users, and you'll never have to wait in line. Both inclined and vertical wheelchair models are incredibly beneficial to the wheelchair user who just wants to regain his or her independence at home. Tackle those stairs and regain your confidence with a vertical or inclined lift. The journey to finding the perfect lift begins today.



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