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Scissor Lift Tables

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Scissor lift tables, also called scissor lifts, platform lifts and lift tables have a simple use - to raise or lower a platform. They make overhead tasks safer and more effective as well as helping to improve proper location of materials which helps avoid work related injuries. These tables are composed of three basic components, a platform, scissor legs and a lower frame assembly.

It allow operators to lift large amounts of weight easily and safely, reducing the risk of workplace injury. Platform lifts help reduce incidents of musculoskeletal disorders by positioning work and objects at a suitable height for operators. This simple concept is safe and reliable, which is why it is widely used in a number of different industries, including:

1. Wood working

2. Metal working

3. Paper, printing and publishing

4. Warehousing and distribution

5. Light assembly

6. Heavy machinery and transportation

Lift Tables are designed and built for a wide variety of uses and different industrial processes, including:

1. Wheelchair lifts - although not designed for passenger use, it can be modified with special safety features and precautions to easily lift individuals in wheel chairs

2. Work positioning in assembly operations and manufacturing

3. Load positioning (when integrated into conveyor systems)

4. Materials position in machine feeding applications

5. Pallet loading and unloading (usually for cartons of finished or unfinished goods)

Platform lifts have three basic operating methods - hydraulic, pneumatic and self-positioning. In addition there are multiple stage scissor lifts (such as double or triple) and ball screw electric lift tables. Hydraulic use one or more hydraulic cylinders to move the platform up and down. Pneumatic operate with the use of air bags to move the platform up and down. Self-positioning scissor lifts are weight sensitive. As weight is added to the platform it automatically lowers and as weight is removed it automatically raises. Double stack two sets of scissor legs on top of each other while triple stack three sets of scissor legs on top of each other. It is the design of these multiple stage scissor lifts which will raise the platform to larger heights. Ball screw electric lift tables are designed to provide great solutions to automation, longevity and repeatability, while providing zero load drift at any elevation. Therefore, this is an ideal choice for robotic integration and applications where operators may have to work underneath the product.

There are a number of safety options available for lift tables, including toe guards, safety bars, speed fuses and protection skirts. Some platform lifts also use individual fail arrest devices to increase safety further.

When purchasing a lift table there are a number of factors to take into consideration:

1. What quantity of loads do you want the lift table to handle?

2. Will you be using the table indoors or outdoors (or both)?

3. What weight will you need to haul up?

4. What is the elevation which the weight has to raise up to?

5. What environment will the machine be used in?

The benefits of using lift tables are numerous - they will make your workplace safer, more efficient and effective and reduce the risk of workplace injury, all excellent reasons to seriously consider scissor lift tables.


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